Niloo Inalouei is an inter-disciplinary artist and art educator based in Toronto, Canada. She holds an MFA in Fine Arts from York University and currently teaches drawing and painting at OCAD University. As an Iranian-Canadian born in Tehran, Niloo uses storytelling to create cross-cultural conversations. In doing so, her work explores themes of home, longing, belonging, memory, and the diasporic experience.

Niloo’s practice incorporates painting, sculpture, installation and works on paper. Working in these disparate mediums, her training as a painter materializes in the artmaking process. She creates sculptures out of hand-dyed textiles and overlays fabrics, which echo layers of paint. This application of layers slowly transforms the work, eliciting different emotional states at different moments. The process evokes the act of remembering, where one’s memories are similarly in a constant state of flux. Drawing upon her own unfixed memories, Niloo constructs personal narratives for exploration. She reimagines her recollections of people and places, blurring the line between memory, perception, and imagination.