Artist Statement

Identity and geographical displacement, as they pertain to cross-cultural experiences, are central to my art practice. Negotiating a sense of belonging to two disparate cultures at once, my paintings follow epistemological strategies to dissect Persian and Canadian identities. I am exploring how cultural identities of my past continue to transform and re-construct those in my present. These disparities of cultural identities have influenced my current work to inhabit a feminist phenomenological discourse around diasporic existence. Navigating feminist structures in Middle Eastern diasporas, I investigate memory and autobiographical photographic sources through their passages and rhythms of time. They function as an archival tool, in order to be reconstructed through the act of painting. My recollections are distortions which rupture through imagination, transmitting new manifestations that I have not yet foreseen. My paintings attempt to bridge the gap between portraiture and abstraction through imagination and memory. Gestural movements and flat surfaces also play an important role in my compositional strategies, giving the impressions of the transformational and transient qualities of memory. My work explores contemporary critical discourses that examine the construction of identities in relation to location, positionality and through painting as a system of thinking.